Hanako Oku and her HAPPY BIRTHDAY memes.


It is Oku Hanako’s birthday today. In lieu of making a post myself, I share the birthday wishes from Denny Sinnoh. The reblog unfortunately removed a lot of images, so I suggest seeing Denny’s post directly instead of via this reblog.

By the way, Denny, if you are reading this, I would like to let you know that Snivy features in the top page and image when googling “Happy Birthday Hanako Oku”. The page is from tPenguinLTG’s blog, though…

Denny Sinnoh

Happy 41st Birthday to “The Little Great One” Hanako Oku, born March 20, 1978.

Japan is twelve hours ahead of my time zone, so I am sending this tonight!

Mr. Penguin, I hope you have a sense of humor! It was Snivy’s idea.

… and now for a little bit of Oku-HISTORY!

Thank you, YouTube user 曽我部幸太郎

Starlight: Been a Hanako Oku fan for eight point eight light years!

PS: Dear friends. I do not have Twitter or Facebook. If you like Hanako Oku, would you mind sharing my post on your social media?



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