[Album] good-bye – track 12



Even if I just miss the train, even if my fringe is cut too short
Even if I eat too many sweets, today will also end

When did my catchphrase become “I’m busy”?
I’m blown by gusts of sighs

Goodbye! Something will have changed by tomorrow
That was what I used to think, what I used to believe
Goodbye! There is nothing that I can do
To my meek self, now I say “Goodbye!”

I’m tired as I board the last train; even my mascara is running
Perhaps I’ll detour to a convenience store; what should I buy?

Things that I don’t need have multiplied without me realising
If nothing is thrown away, I’ll never move forward

Goodbye! There will be someone to choose a path for me
That was what I always thought, what I always waited for
Goodbye! There is nothing I can change
To me who made self-imposed limits, now I say “Goodbye!”

Even if it’s a life that I can never have
I want to try saying “I’m happy!”

Goodbye! Something will have changed by tomorrow
I’m independent, so I can go anywhere I want
Goodbye! There is nothing that I can do
To my past self who would not make herself heard, now I say “Goodbye!”
I start my “Goodbye!”


Self Liner Notes

Most of the songs in this album were composed in 2011.

It was year when many major events happened, and I was still living and singing, and they gave me food for thought.

Of course this affected the album. After I decided on the 13 songs to include in the album, I decided to name the album “good-bye”. And then I composed this song. It’s a tune and arrangement that I have not used before, and I really like it.


Translation notes

Where “goodbye” appears in the chorus, the Japanese lyrics and the translated Chinese lyrics always follow with an exclamation mark. I have followed suit, but I toyed with excluding the exclamation mark. For example, for the third line of the third verse, I considered using “Goodbye to ‘there is nothing that I can do’” so that it clearly shows the singer intends to change her belief, rather than making it look like the singer is dejected. However, the singer’s intention is fairly clear when the whole verse is considered, so I decided I could also use “Goodbye!”

In her notes on the song, Oku Hanako says that the song was inspired by her personal experience of 2011 (good-bye was released on 22 February 2012 according to Generasia). Major events that may be part of Oku Hanako’s experience of 2011 may be found on the Wikipedia page on 2011 in Japan and the page on major events in 2011. In the notes for Kimi no Egao (in the same album), Oku Hanako refers to the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Oku Hanako states that the tune and arrangement of this song are unique compared to her prior songs. I don’t have a good ear for music so I can’t vouch for her claim. I trust her, though. I like how the chorus starts and ends with “Goodbye!” It makes me feel that the singer is emphatic about her farewell. I also like how the rhythm is somewhat restless and upbeat, which goes well with the plot that singer wants to change her life for the better.


Simplified Chinese

就算没赶上电车  就算浏海剪太短
就算吃太多甜食  今天还是会结束

什么时候口头褝  变成了“很忙”呢

GOODBYE!到了明天  一定会有什么改变
一直这么想着  想这么相信着
GOODBYE!就算是我  也能做些什么
现在  对小声细语着的我 GOODBYE!

疲劳地搭上最终电车  眼线也掉得差不多了
绕去便利商店一下吧  想要买什么呢

不要的东西  不知不觉一直增加
不丢些什么  无法前进

GOODBYE!一定有某个谁  会帮我选择道路
一直这么想着  一直等待着
GOODBYE!我一定  没办法改变的
现在  对为自己设下界限的我 GOODBYE!

也想试着说说  我很幸福!

GOODBYE!到了明天  一定会有什么改变
都是看自己  想去哪里都可以
GOODBYE!就算是我  也能做些什么
现在  对昨天那个无法大声说出的我 GOODBYE!
要开始去做 GOODBYE!


Self Liner Notes





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