Sotsugyou no Toki

卒業の時 (Sotsugyou no Toki) · 毕业时分 · Graduation Time

[Album] good-bye – track 11
[Single] Cinderella – track 2



The sound of tidying the classroom is now a shadow of the school building
Everyone knows that it will soon be time to depart

Accompanied by my first friend who I shared innermost thoughts with
We walk the long way around because we want to talk a lot more

We keep refraining from saying “Today’s the last day”
I will never forget
That I met you, or this moment when we graduate

We share memories, yet we walk along our own paths
We won’t give in to loneliness, nor will we look back

Within the same textbooks our future was imagined
Within our own hearts we blindly searched for it

Today, the final day, I carry my graduation book in one hand on my way home
We will certainly meet again somewhere
In the moment when everything ends and begins anew

We kept refraining from saying “Today’s the last day”
I will never forget
The times that were filled with fun and worry
That I met you, or this town where we graduated1


Self Liner Notes

After school life ends and we separate from friends, each of us carries the same memories as we live different lives. Although there is loneliness, it is still something very wonderful.

There are beginnings only because there are endings.


Translation notes

1. In Japanese, 街 (machi) can mean either “town” or “street”. In Chinese, 街 (jie1) means “street”. The Japanese-Chinese translation used the meaning “street”, which I followed since it is a valid translation. At some point, it occurred to me that “town” sounds more appropriate, so I changed my translation to “town”. The translation of 街 (machi) to mean “street” was also in 君がくれた夏 (Kimi ga Kureta Natsu), which I have now changed to mean “town”.


I used to take drama classes in high school. One year, our main play was about high school senior life. At the end of the play, the whole cast appeared on stage to sing a song called Magic Memories. One line from the chorus was “magic memories, different yet the same”. I think it was the first time I heard a song about memories of school friends, and now I have the pleasure to hear a similarly themed song from Oku Hanako.


Simplified Chinese

教室里整齐的声音  现在已经是校舍的影子
启程时刻将要到来  大家都知道

第一次将心里话  分享的朋友
绕远路走着  因为想多聊一点

与你相遇  在这时毕业

分享着回忆  而走上各自的道路
不输给寂寞  不回头

相同的课本里  描绘的未来
在各自的心中  迷惘找寻着

一切结束又开始的  那时

一切都好开心  好烦恼的时刻
从与你相遇的  这条街道毕业


Self Liner Notes




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