ガンバレ (Ganbare) · 加油 · Keep Going

[Album] Prism – track 13

I promise I will smile, so please continue to sing, Oku Hanako-san.

There are some songs with beats that inspire me by making me feel like nothing can get me down. And then there are songs where the melody seems to gently take my hand to lead me forward, and remind me that I should cheer up again soon. This song is an example of the latter.



If I look up, the azure sky is always there to be with me
It’s as if strife and sadness have never been heard of

Even today, I am thankful; the miracle that we met was not a meaningless incident

If you cry, I will smile
If you smile, I will continue to sing

Whatever others may say, I believe in you
The time shared between two people is more precious than words

Today was eventful too; I want gentle feelings to connect us

I may be weak, but I want to protect you
I want to become like the sky overhead someday

If I look back and feel tired from walking alone on a long road
I want to hear the voices of many people telling me “keep going”

I’m sure someone is watching me; that is enough to make people strong

Even if your tears splash onto your hands one day
You are not alone as you walk along your path

The words “keep going” seem to mean “I’m watching you”
I’m glad that I get to spend today laughing with you


Simplified Chinese

抬头仰望  蓝色青空  总会在那里陪着我
争吵  悲伤  都像是无人知晓般

今天也谢谢你  相遇的奇迹  绝没有毫无意义之事

你若是哭泣  我便欢笑
你若是欢笑  我便继续歌唱

我相信你喔  不论别人说什么
比起言语更重要的是  两人相处的时间

今天也发生很多事  想让柔和的心情连系我俩

想守护你  虽然是弱不禁风的我

一转头  长长的道路  一个人走累的时候

一定会有人关心着  人也因此而会变得坚强

你所走的道路  并非只有你一人

今天能和你一起欢笑度过  真是太好了


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