Genki de Itene

元気でいてね (Genki de Itene) · 要好好的过喔 · Stay Well

[Album] Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- – CD 2 track 14
[Album] Utakata – track 13
[Album] Kimi no Egao -Smile Selection- – track 7



This is wrong! Who decided this?
A round object might look rectangular from another point of view
It is very simple to follow someone else
Because I can lose my way on a path I choose for myself

How many times have I muttered that I can’t go on?
There were nights when the coming of the next day terrified me, and there were days when I cried

I hope I’ll see you again, we will surely meet again
I want to gaze at the landscape while climbing up a slope illuminated by the evening sun
I wish I can say that I like myself with my chest puffed out
I will try to do my best until we meet again

After polishing my dirty lenses
The world looks a little brighter

Many people have many things to say
Rather than regret doing nothing, I want to take a step forwards

I hope I’ll see you again, we will surely meet again
I want to take a good look at the stars spread across the night sky with my own eyes
I wish my heart will always be filled with happiness
Whatever the day may bring, the nastier it is, the harder I’ll try to smile

Stay well until the day we can meet again with smiles on our faces
I’ll squeeze a wonderful life into my limited days
I hope I’ll see you again, I wish I can sing forever
I won’t give up and I’ll try to do my best; stay well until we meet again


Translation notes

The lyrics are clearly about inspiration, but it is difficult for me to be certain who it is directed at because the Japanese lyrics and the Chinese translation use almost no pronouns. The only lines with pronouns in the Japanese lyrics are the first lines of the 3rd and 6th verses, and the third line of the 7th verse, where the singer says that she wants to meet “you”. In addition to those, the Chinese uses “I” in the last lines of the 3rd and 5th verses. Other lines in Japanese may contain words that show perspective, such as how あげる (ageru) and くれる (kureru) are about giving and receiving from different perspectives, but if so I am not aware of them.

My impression is that the singer wants to try becoming a stronger person and she is describing her goal to the listener. My feeling is that the singer plans to go on a journey to achieve this growth, which is why she is wishing the listener to stay well until they meet again upon her return. I have much greater appreciation of this song since I learned the meaning of its lyrics.


Simplified Chinese

圆的东西换个角度  可能看起来像四方的
跟着谁的后面走  很简单
因为是自己选择的道路  才会迷惘嘛

已经不行了  碎念过几次了
也有对于明天将到  而感到害怕的夜  哭泣的日子

希望能再见到你  一定能再相见
希望能挺起胸  说着喜欢自己
在下次再相见前  我会试着加油


与其什么都不做而后悔  我想踏出那一步

希望能再见到你  一定能再相见
在夜空中绽放的星儿们  想用这双眼好好看着
希望能在心中  总是感到幸福
无论是怎样的日子  越是不行的日子  越要试着去笑

到能再以笑容相见那天  要好好的过喔
将美好的人生  塞进有限的日子里
希望能再与你相见  希望能永远歌唱
不放弃  会试着努力  到下次相见前要好好的过喔



  1. Denny Sinnoh

    Re: “My impression is that the singer wants to try becoming a stronger person and she is describing her goal to the listener”
    Yes, I think that you nailed the feeling of the song.
    “Merry Christmas EVERYONE!”


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