スターチス (Sutaachisu) · Statice

[Album] Prism – track 2

Statice is another name for the genus of flowers called Limonium. Apparently Statices are a popular choice for dried flower arrangements. This is an interesting coincidence with the fact that Oku Hanako has a song titled Oshibana, which means “Pressed Flower”. A quick search on the internet showed me that pressing flowers is one method for drying them. Another song that Oku Hanako has named after a flower genus is Ajisai, which is Hydrangea. I think that both Statice and Ajisai have beautiful melodies, and I’m a little disappointed that Ajisai did not make the cut to be included in the Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- album.

One more thing, I want to give you a heads up that I’ve got an extra load of work coming this month, so it’s unlikely that the next post will be up within a fortnight like I usually aim to do.



I happened to visit there because of work; the street had not changed in the slightest since that time
Even the road leading to your house hadn’t changed; it was so nostalgic I felt like I would cry

I wanted to understand everything about us; our struggles and worries that hurt us
It’s fine that no one understood; as long as we were together, we could overcome difficulties

Are you also here now? Who are you laughing with?
Even now, the days we spent together fill me with happiness

Having had a once in a lifetime love, there is no longer a need to recall memories
It was you who taught me that to be in love means nothing will be lost

The first present you gave me was a plain circle of hearts ring
You said that one day you would give me a proper ring; that moment was as precious as a jewel

Is the light of the dream that once was pursued shining upon you?
Even now, the times when we were side by side fill me with happiness

Having had a once in a lifetime love, there is no longer a need to make promises
It was you who taught me that to be in love means nothing needs to be noticed

I’m happy that I met you, I’m happy that I fell in love with you
If I could meet you one more time, I would tell you “thank you, thank you”

Having had a once in a lifetime love, there is no longer a need to recall memories
It was you who taught me that to be in love means nothing will be lost
To be in love means nothing will be lost



If you followed the Statice links in the opening of this post, you may have noticed that Statices are known as “everlasting flowers”. This is probably why Oku Hanako used Statice as the name of this song – the Statice flowers are a symbol of the singer’s everlasting love for the listener.

Statice has a somewhat melancholic melody. From the lyrics, it can be seen that the singer and the listener were once in a romantic relationship but are now separated, which is the source of the melancholy. My belief is that the separation is a result of the listener passing away. The fifth verse shows that the listener was serious about the relationship. To me, to give “a proper ring” suggests an intention to propose marriage. Perhaps I am being idealistic, but if someone takes a relationship this seriously, it makes me think that a break up won’t happen although I know that divorces do happen. Following the belief that the listener has passed away, the questions “Are you also here now? Who are you laughing with?” in the third verse can be interpreted to mean spiritually present rather than physically present. The “light of the dream” mentioned in the sixth verse can mean the happiness of the dream of being married, so the line can be interpreted to mean that the singer is wondering if the listener is happy. The singer follows up her question about whether the listener is happy by confirming that she herself is able to be happy. The lyrics thus sound like something that the singer would say while visiting the listener’s grave.

[Added 4 April 2016] A comment below prompted me to look up whether Statice flowers have a meaning if used for grave visits. It turns out that Statice flowers symbolise remembrance at funerals. I also remembered that Oku Hanako wrote in the Self Liner Notes for Kimi ni Arigatou that the song was written to express affection for a loved one after their death. Besides that, the lyrics of Kimi no Sora suggest a perspective of someone who lost a loved one.


Simplified Chinese


因工作偶然造访  这条街  跟当年一样丝毫未变
就连到你家的那条路  都好怀念  感觉快哭出来

想要了解彼此的全部  挣扎  烦恼  互相伤害
没人了解也无妨  只要两人一起  便可突破困境

你现在  也在这里吗?正和谁一起欢笑呢?
两人一起度过的日子  如今仍给我满满的幸福

有了一生一次的恋爱  回忆什么的都不需要了
是你教会了我  爱一个人是不会有损失的

第一次  你送给我的礼物  是简单爱心组合的戒指
总有一天  你说会送我更正式的  在那时刻  犹如宝石般珍贵

曾经追逐的  梦想的灯光  有在照耀着你吗?
两人并肩的时刻  现在也仍带给我满满的幸福

有了一生一次的恋爱  约定什么的都不需要了
是你教会了我  爱一个人是不必在意任何事的

能遇见你真的太好了  能喜欢上你真的太好了
若能再一次  遇见你  想对你说  谢谢  谢谢

有了一生一次的恋爱  回忆什么的都不需要了
是你教会了我  爱一个人是不会有损失的



  1. tPenguinLTG

    Oku Hanako has a lot of songs that mention flowers in their names:

    Yasashii Hana / やさしい花
    Ashita Saku Hana / 明日咲く花
    Ajisai / 紫陽花
    Garasu no Hana / ガラスの花
    Oshibana / 押し花
    Statice / スターチス

    And if you consider fireworks as flower-like:

    Hanabi / 花火
    Fuyu Hanabi / 冬花火

    Not to mention her name means “flower child”.

    I definitely wouldn’t put it past her to use “Statice” for its symbolism. After all, Garnet / ガーネット was so named because the garnet is the birthstone of friendship.

    Considering the content of many of her songs, I find it highly unlikely that the separation is from divorce. Any breakup songs are of before marriage, and the rest are of unrequited love. The question “Are you also here now?” is also a giveaway that it can’t be physical.

    The chorus “Having had a once in a lifetime love, there is no longer a need to recall memories / It was you who taught me that to be in love means nothing will be lost” is quite the line. Memories are what you recall because you’ve lost something. The singer hasn’t lost anything because of their love, so she has no need of recalling memories.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Edward

      Thanks for listing all the songs that mention flower in them. I looked them up while drafting this post, but didn’t feel like including them. And thank you for your insight on why the setting of this song is not a separation due to divorce. When I was translating the lines individually, my first thought was that Statice was about a break up before or after marriage. It’s only when I put and read all the lines together that it occurred to me this separation might not be a break up.


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