Haru Iro no Sora

春色の空 (Haru Iro no Sora) · 春色之空 · Spring-coloured Sky

[Album] good-bye – track 6

As you may be aware, Japanese kanji can have different readings. If you put “春色の空” into an online Japanese to English translator, it will likely tell you that the reading is “shunshoku no sora”. So why did I use the reading “haru iro no sora” if I don’t know Japanese? That’s because “春色の空” is used in the first line of the last verse, and it is sung as “haru iro no sora”. If you have this song from the album, this can be heard around the 3:40 mark.

This Monday, 8 February, marks the start of Chinese New Year, which is also known as the Spring Festival. The association with spring was my motivation to translate Haru Iro no Sora at this time. The cheerful tone and optimistic lyrics fit nicely with the auspiciousness of creating a positive mood to start a new year. Welcome the Year of the Monkey.



Wearing clothes that I don’t usually wear, I become different from my normal self
I briefly smile while walking with you
Carrying the spring-coloured wind towards the other side of the bridge
Although I am worried, let’s cross the bridge together

Mornings that continuously repeat, nights that end before I realise it
Although the time is used for someone else, it is still wonderful

I’ll search for a brand new day when the sky is beautifully rainbow-coloured1
Today and tomorrow, I want you to say “You are best the way you are”

The space below the fence by the railway is given colour by small flowers
This year is also blossoming with sincerity and seeming cheerfulness

Sometimes we will feel sad, be at a loss, have regrets, and cry
It surely won’t be a problem, let’s hold hands as we go

On a street coloured by the setting sun, two shadows overlap
I want to use my arms to embrace the light that passes through

I’ll search for a brand new day that sparkles like the door to the heart
Today and tomorrow, I want you to say “I like you most the way you are”

Today’s moon rises among the twinkling stars in the night sky; let’s continuously gather this moment and move forwards2

I’ll search for a brand new day when the sky is beautifully spring-coloured
Today and tomorrow, I want you to say “You are best the way you are”

Self Liner Notes

When seasons change, people’s feelings also change; they think about starting something new, changing themselves, or searching for something new. Feelings like these were used to write this song. This song was given to Idoling!!!3 to perform.


Translation notes:

1. The Chinese translation actually says “七彩”, which literally means “seven colours”. As rainbows are commonly described using seven colours, I decided to translate that as “rainbow”.

2. I’m not exactly sure how the parts of this line should be connected. Let me know in the comments if you think of a better way for connecting the parts of the line. The parts, in order and literally translated from the Chinese translation, are:

Twinkling stars in the night sky / Today’s moon rises / Continuously gather this moment / Move forwards

3. Idoling!!! are a singing group created by Fuji Television, the parent company of Pony Canyon. And you probably already know that Pony Canyon is the company that publishes Oku Hanako’s music. There is a YouTube video of a live performance of Haru Iro no Sora by Idoling!!! The Chinese name has a different literal meaning. “美女” literally means “pretty girl” and “甜甜圈” literally means “doughnut” (or “sweet-sweet-circle”, which describes a doughnut). I don’t know why the Chinese name turned out this way.


Simplified Chinese

穿着和平常不一样的服装 变成和平常不一样的自己
稍微 微笑一下 与你一起走着
带着春色的风 天桥的那端
一起走过去吧 虽然也会担心

不断反复的早晨 一回神已将结束的夜晚

崭新的日子 我来寻找吧 在天空漂亮地染上七彩时
原本的你是最棒的 今天明天 都想被你这么说

铁道旁的栅栏下 小小的花染上了色彩
率直地 看似开朗地 今年也绽放着

会沮丧会迷惘 会后悔也会哭泣呢
一定没问题 牵起手走吧

夕阳色彩的街道 重叠的两个影子
穿越的光芒 也想用这双手紧抱

崭新的日子 我来寻找吧 就像心之门扉闪闪发光一样
最喜欢原本的你 今天明天 都想被你这么说

在夜空闪烁的星 浮现着今天的月 不断累积这个瞬间 前进

崭新的日子 我来寻找吧 在天空漂亮地染上春色时
原本的你是最棒的 今天明天 都想被你这么说

Self Liner Notes




  1. Denny Sinnoh

    RE: “美女” literally means “pretty girl” and “甜甜圈” literally means “doughnut” (or “sweet-sweet-circle”, which describes a doughnut).”

    Well, I think that Homer Simpson might agree with me that girls and doughnuts are the two greatest joys in this life.
    (I took the high road with that one.)

    I could not watch the video however, as weasels made it unavailable in USA.


    • Edward

      You may be right about Homer S, though I think he might fit beer in there somewhere. Aw, nuts about region blocking. The video plays in Australia. If you want, you could try using a VPN, like how Australians use VPNs to access US Netflix. I don’t use VPNs myself so I don’t know whether they help with YouTube, but I think they should.


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