道(Michi) · 道路 · Road

[Album] Kimi to Boku no Michi – track 13

Do you walk the line with Johnny Cash? Or do you walk 500 miles and 500 more with The Proclaimers? Or do you perhaps walk alone with Green Day?

I walk along a road with Oku Hanako.

Just as an aside, when “道” is used by itself in Chinese one of its meanings is Taoism. The use of “道路” for the title makes it clear that the meaning is road instead of something else such as railway or water channel.


For whose sake do I live? I don’t live for anyone, I live for myself
I want to hold the hand in my heart as I walk alone on the road

For what reason do I live? If there isn’t any reason
Then to find the reason, I’ll start liking people

Feelings of loneliness will never disappear from my heart

Crying and crying while walking. The sky is blue and as pretty as ever
If only there is someone I like then my chest will be filled

Every time I feel happy, I will compare myself with someone else’s figure
My own figure, obviously I am unable to see it1

A straight road is boring, but if I was with someone then wouldn’t it be different?

Crying and crying while walking. My dream is shining in the distance
If only there is someone I like then I can be alive in my heart2

Crying and crying while walking. The sky is blue and the wind blows as usual
If only there is someone I like then I can keep living


Translation notes

  1. I spent quite a bit of time thinking how to connect these two lines. The Chinese lyrics do not show any conjunctions to link the two lines and looking at the English breakdown of the Japanese lyrics on http://nihongo.j-talk.com/ did not reveal anything particularly helpful. The connection that made most sense to me was “But I am not able see my own figure”. However, I was not convinced enough that it belonged so I left a literal translation in its place. Hopefully you can find a link that provides a satisfactory meaning for you.
  2. A literal translation of the Chinese lyrics is “then able in middle of the heart living”. It does not clearly say whose heart it is. I considered translating it as “then I can live in their [the person I like] heart” but the focus of the song seemed to be on the singer so I decided to go with “then I can be alive in my heart”.


Simplified Chinese

想牵起心中的手 一个人 一路走来

为了找出那个理由 而喜欢上人

寂寞的心情 无论何时都不会消失在我心中

哭泣再哭泣 走着 天空好蓝 仍然美丽
只要有喜欢的人 胸口就 满满的

每当觉得幸福时 就会与某个谁的背影相比
我的背影 自己明明就看不到

笔直的道路虽然无聊 但要是跟某个谁就会不同吧

哭泣再哭泣 走着 梦在远方 发着光
只要有喜欢的人 就能在心中活着

哭泣再哭泣 走着 天空好蓝 吹着风
只要有喜欢的人 我就能活下去


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