Self Liner Notes for Kimi no Egao

The good-bye album for distribution in Taiwan has been added to my music collection. In addition to more songs to translate, the lyrics booklet contains “Self Liner Notes” for each song. Kimi no Egao is in this album and as I have already made a post for that song, its Self Liner Notes are given a separate post. In the future, Self Liner Notes will be included in the post of the lyrics translation.


Notes in English

I wrote this song for hard-working people. After the first verse was written, the Great East Japan Earthquake1 struck, and in its aftermath I wrote the second verse.

I recorded the song with me singing to my own playing [hikigatari], and this recording was included in the “smile selection” concept album2. Sato Jun-san3 helped me make this album ver. arrangement, and the arrangement added new power to the song’s re-recording.


Translation notes

  1. The Great East Japan Earthquake struck on 11 March 2011. You may be familiar with its association with the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdowns.
  2. The direct translation is “concept album”. In the discography of the generasia page about Oku Hanako, smile selection is listed as a “Best Album”.
  3. Apparently Sato Jun has worked with Oku Hanako before when he arranged Kawaranai Mono and Garnet (Tracks 2 and 3) for the Garnet single album released in 2006. His main work appears to be arranging songs, with a little composing and performing included. I found a little information about this man on Anime News Network and a more comprehensive discography on VGMdb.


Notes in Simplified Chinese


是以自弹自唱的方式进行录音的、也有收录在“smile selection”这张概念尃辑里。这首album ver. 是由佐藤准先生帮我重新编曲的、又加入了新的力量再进行收录的歌曲。



  1. tPenguinLTG

    These notes definitely give the song a little more context. I knew the song was released after the earthquake, but I had the impression that the song was in response to it.

    To address point 2, the heading for the Kimi no Egao release says KONSEPUTO ARUBAMU / コンセプトアルバム, which is a transliteration of “concept album“, where the theme of the album is more or less happiness, hence “smile selection”. It is listed as a Best album because all but two of the songs were previously released; perhaps it might have been better to call it a compilation album instead.

    For point 3, it’s too bad I don’t pay much attention to the arranger of her songs, or any of her other staff, for that matter. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to start reading up on them a little bit.
    I don’t agree with her when she says that the arrangement added new power to the song, though. I’ll save the details for an actual post, but I felt that the arrangement was a big distraction from the core of the song.


  2. Edward

    I find that the cheerful arrangement of the album version gives the song an encouraging feeling which I think works as a response to the Great East Japan Earthquake. I’m interested in what you think the song is about and I look forward to your post.


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