Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

[Album] Kimi to Boku no Michi – track 9

Since the last post I was sick and had business travel which delayed the translation of this song.



Today, the day you wear a white dress has finally arrived
The chime of the church bells announced our beginning
The smiles of treasured people I met to this day in my life
Created in my world a growing image of a beloved person

I am resolved to protect you. No matter what happens I will not let go

You look beautiful1, 2. Your sweetly smiling appearance brightly shines on our tomorrow
You look beautiful. Even the passing of 100 years won’t change that happiness for me is being by your side

Since the two of us met, a lot has happened to this day
We had times when we were unwilling to understand each other and argued

I will never forget the words engraved inside the ring on my left hand

You look beautiful. Your sweetly smiling appearance is dazzling and makes me feel slightly shy
Once again I vow that here and now the only one I love is you

You look beautiful. Your sweetly smiling appearance brightly shines on our tomorrow
Our lives are joined forever and ever. Happiness for me is being by your side
Happiness is always by my side


Translation notes

  1. The Japanese lyrics use “Kirei da ne” which I would consider to mean “Isn’t it beautiful?” by following the literal translation “Isn’t it Wonderful?” of the Final Fantasy X song “Suteki da ne”. The Chinese lyrics use “好美” which I think is usually considered a statement like “It’s beautiful” rather than a question. That being said, the translation could be written as a rhetorical question to effectively make it a statement.
  2. Both Japanese and Chinese languages omit pronouns if they can be inferred from the context of what is being said. For more information about leaving out pronouns, you can start by visiting the Wikipedia “Pro-drop language” entry. I do admit that I may be using the wrong pronoun here and in other places where the Chinese pronouns are missing. A teacher once told me that it was obvious that I was thinking in English while writing in Chinese. At the time I just thought “She’s right” and nothing more, but now I think my pronoun use is likely one reason she said that.


Simplified Chinese

终于到了 今天 穿着白纱的你
教堂的钟声 宣告了我们的开始
至今人生中相遇的 珍爱的人的笑容
诞生在这世上 成长的 心爱的人的身影

决定要 守护你 无论发生什么事 不会放开手

好美 微笑的 你 照亮我们的明日
好美 100年后也不会改变 幸福就是在你身边

我俩相遇那日起 到今天发生了很多事呢
也有不愿互相理解 彼此冲突的时候呢

左手戒指的里面 刻下的话语 永远不会忘记

好美 微笑的 你 好耀眼 有点令人害羞
再一次 许下誓言 现在在这里 只是爱着你

好美 微笑的 你 照亮我们的明日
永远 永永远远 相系着 幸福就是在你身边
幸福 总是在身边


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