Kimi no Egao

君の笑顔 (Kimi no Egao) · 你的笑容 · Your Smile

[Album] Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters- – disc 2 track 7
[Album] good-bye – track 7
[Album] Kimi no Egao -Smile Selection- – track 1



When I met you there was spring light and a breeze in the street*
My childish heart cheered in the distant summer night of that day*
I neglected loneliness as I passed through the autumn day*
A warm winter street reassured me of your warmth*

At all times you have a sincere look in your eyes. Even if you fall you will stand up again
I drew some strength from your profile that only gazes ahead

Your smile and your voice created my future
The time that began to move carved out slowly changing days
I should be able to overcome difficulty at any time because I have a dream
Now I have found something precious, something that I want to protect

I don’t know the reason for your tears that day
Beyond the upset I saw a path leading to a dream

I’m not afraid of mistakes. If I take a step forwards then I can have more faith in myself
People look towards the other side of sadness. This is what the sight of your back has told me

At my side, by your side, I could cry with longing to live in the moment*
A dream without end must lead to somebody’s future
Don’t give up. Whenever I heard your voice
I found something precious, something that I want to protect
I am not alone. I am always by your side because I want to see your smile


Self Liner Notes

I wrote this song for hard-working people. After the first verse was written, the Great East Japan Earthquake1 struck, and in its aftermath I wrote the second verse.

I recorded the song with me singing to my own playing [hikigatari], and this recording was included in the “smile selection” concept album2. Sato Jun-san3 helped me make this album ver. arrangement, and the arrangement added new power to the song’s re-recording.


Translation notes:
I had difficulty translating the lines marked with * because they read like fragmented sentences to me. Eventually I decided to post the translation because I didn’t see myself making any progress and I wanted to move to the next translation. For all I know maybe those lines were poetic sentence fragments all along.

  1. The Great East Japan Earthquake struck on 11 March 2011. You may be familiar with its association with the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdowns.
  2. The direct translation is “concept album”. In the discography of the generasia page about Oku Hanako, smile selection is listed as a “Best Album”.
  3. Apparently Sato Jun has worked with Oku Hanako before when he arranged Kawaranai Mono and Garnet (Tracks 2 and 3) for the Garnet single album released in 2006. His main work appears to be arranging songs, with a little composing and performing included. I found a little information about this man on Anime News Network and a more comprehensive discography on VGMdb.


Simplified Chinese

春之光  风吹起的街道  与你相遇时
幼小的心  喧闹着  遥远那日的夏夜
边敷衍着寂寞  渡过的秋天
确认着  你的温度  温暖的冬之街道

无论何时你  都带着率直的眼神  就算摔倒  也一定会站起来
只朝着前方  你的身影  我从其中  得到了多少力量

你的笑容  你的声音  创出了我的未来
开始转动的  时钟  刻下渐渐改变的日子
因为有梦  无论何时  应该都能跨越难关
重要的事物  想守护的事物  我现在找到了

那天你流下的眼泪  我不知道理由
在不甘的背后看见  与梦连系的道路

不害怕出错  若能跨出一步  就能比现在更相信自己
人面对着  悲伤的彼端  你的那背影如此告诉了我

在我身边  在你身边  要活在当下到想哭的程度
没有终结的梦必定  与某个谁的未来连系着
别放弃  无论何时  听到了你的声音
重要的事物  想守护的事物  我现在找到了
不是一个人  总是在你身边  因为想要看到你的笑容


Self Liner Notes


是以自弹自唱的方式进行录音的、也有收录在“smile selection”这张概念尃辑里。这首album ver. 是由佐藤准先生帮我重新编曲的、又加入了新的力量再进行收录的歌曲。



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    • Edward

      That’s interesting. I thought fansubbers would be able to translate Japanese themselves or already have someone to do it for them. I guess that’s not always true. Thanks for letting me know.


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