HIKARI · 光芒 · Light

[Album] Kimi to Boku no Michi – track 11



If I could convey my innermost thoughts to you
I would want to convey them much, much more expressively than saying thank you

In days that frustrate me, in days that I want to give up
You always believe I am fine
And that I can work harder. Encouraging me in this way
It is always you

Thank you, it is only because of you that I am able to continue on the path I chose
That always unchanging smile has helped me through hardship several times
I have many thanks for it

The first dream I imagined is being shared between us
My irreplaceable friend is closer to me

Laughing together and having cried together
Being like this does not need talking
Even if far apart I still hope these voices can reach each other. This is what I always think

Thank you for your light that always shines on me
I can be stronger at any time. Thank you for your warm light

Tears turn to smiles in the changing seasons
I hope I can also be a light for someone

I am thankful that our paths crossed. Now I really am happy
I have many thanks for that always unchanging smile

Thank you with all my heart


Simplified Chinese

若能将内心深虑   传达给你
比起谢谢   要更加更加强烈   传达给你

受挫的日子   快要认输的日子
你总是相信我   没问题
还能更努力   如此鼓励我的
总是   你

谢谢 因为有你   我才能依自己的方式走下去
总是不变的   那笑容   拯救了我   几次呢
数不尽的   感谢

第一次描绘的梦想   彼此分享了呢
无可取代的朋友   在更近的地方

一起笑   一起哭过呢
只要这样   就不需要言语
就算相隔遥远   也希望这声音能传达   总是这么想着

谢谢   你的光芒   总是照耀着我
无论何时都能更坚强   给我温暖的光芒   谢谢

流转的季节中   眼泪也变成笑容
希望我也能   成为某个谁的光芒

谢谢   能和你相遇   现在真的   好开心
总是不变的   那笑容   数不尽的   感谢

由衷   谢谢你



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